Alphabet Sea - Order

     Sets of Alphabet Sea Flashcards are available for a limited time. They are $10 plus $5 shipping and handling. Just email me and you can pay through paypal! It's easy and fast, plus it helps an Artist feed his family. Order a set of Flashcards today!

     In other news, the iPhone/iPod/iPad app is being developed. It will be a simple virtual deck featuring the Alphabet Sea cast. I'm trying to get the eBook formatted and published, Putting together an Alphabet Sea Kids Cookbook, and the Board Game has been prototyped. It will be available for download for a limited time in April.

    Fundraising opportunities are available for schools and organizations with 50% of profits being donated! Contact now for info! Don't forget order cards for a loved one today!

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Alphabet Sea - The Boardgame

The concept art for the Alphabet Sea board game.

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Alphabet Sea - Shipped!

Mailed off the Alphabet Sea sets, so if you ordered a set keep an eye out!
My boys helped me package them, we shipped some to Australia, Germany, Ireland and the Philippines!

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Alphabet Sea - The Song

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Alphabet Sea - Sales Sheet

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Alphabet Sea - The Cards

Van full of cards. 28,000 to be exact. Now the fun of packaging begins!

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Card status

Just got the packaging materials, cards should be ready to pick up early next week. I can't wait to see how they are received!

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Alphabet Sea - Status

It's official, the cards and packaging materials are ordered and we will be shipping shortly! If you need to order additional sets, or if you haven't got a chance to order some yet, do it now!

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Alphabet Sea - What do you want to Sea?

I've posted all of the original painting for the Alphabet Sea flash cards. What else do you want to see? The flash cards? Random inspiration? Where I get the old wood from? You tell me what you'd like to read about, and I'll blog about it.

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Alphabet Sea - Z

Z is for Zebrashark, the last creature I see.

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We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action. - Frank Tibolt

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Alphabet Sea - Orders up

Putting the finishing touches on the Alphabet Sea flash cards. They should be ordered next week and be shipping before the end of the month!
Contact me now to order a set if you haven't already, only $15!

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Alphabet Sea - Y

Y is for yellowtail, that's easy to see.

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Alphabet Sea - The song

Here is a crude version of the Alphabet Sea song with all of the Flash cards featured.

Play Now!

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Alphabet Sea - X

X is for X-ray fish, this one is named John.

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Alphabet Sea - What's next?

It's only a matter of time before the Flash Card sets ship out. I plan to do a memory game and an iPhone app next. I think the iPhone app will be a digital version of the flash cards. I'm planning my next art project which will be a day of the dead number based flash card set to teach numbers and spanish!

Here's a little something I threw together for the Alphabet Sea song-

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Alphabet Sea - W

Whale starts with W, they like to sing songs.

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Alphabet Sea- V

V is for Viper Squid. They grow really long.

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Last chance to get your limited edition flashcards!

 19 hours until the Kickstarter project closes. It will be funded thanks to the Kickstarter community.  Don't miss out on this limited edition first run!

Please pledge now to get your signed and numbered set!

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Alphabet Sea - U

U is for Urchin. This one is mean.

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Alphabet Sea - T

T is for Turtle. This one is green.

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A true inspiration and master of the craft. Dr.Seuss was a huge influence when I was growing up. One of my favorites is -

What was you favorite Dr.Seuss story?

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Alphabet Sea - animation test

In case you missed it the first time around -

I'm developing a music video featuring the entire Alphabet Sea cast, it should be a lot of fun.

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Alphabet Sea- the eBook

I'm researching how to publish my own eBook with the Alphabet Sea poem and characters. I'm hoping to develop an iPhone/iPad app as well. Stay tuned! If you have any input please email me.

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Alphabet Sea - in progress

Some of the last paintings captured in progress.



Viper Squid

X-ray fish

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Alphabet Sea - S

S is for Starfish, they stick onto things.

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Alphabet Sea - SUCCESS

Hit the goal on Kickstarter! Cards will be coming soon.

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Alphabet Sea - R

R is for Ray, with really big wings.

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